Every competitor is different…

…with their own body metrics and their own body limits, therefore, each athlete will be given their own program to follow once properly assessed. Assessments will be examined for focused improvement along with being recorded and measured, and personal goals will be aimed at their own pace. Not only will they be getting better during the sessions, but they’ll also be given assignments that will make them accountable and responsible for their own progress away from the program so that they are ready to hit the field – running

Our Clinics

1 – Day Clinic:

3 hrs basic, ACE foundation exercises along with ACE Warm-up. 

2 – Day Clinic:

3 hrs basic, ACE foundation exercises along with ACE Warm-up. Plus more novice-intermediate exercises on 2nd day. 

4 – Week Clinic:

Once a week for 1 1/2 hrs. Beginner, Basic exercises, evolving every week. Leave with ACE Warm-up routine. 

8 – Week Clinic:

same, plus 2nd 4 weeks are more novice intermediate exercises. 8 week
Advanced: same, adding more advanced, expert-level exercises.

Sports that benefit from the program include:

Track & Field

Hear what other athletes and coaches have to say…


Thank you Ace Prep for the opportunity y’all gave to me to help strengthen my arm and keep my arm in good healthy condition!

D. Renteria


You have to be able to throw, in order to throw, your arm has to be healthy. The season is long, prevention is the prescription. Arm care is important as anything else when it comes to getting, and staying, on the field.

Coach J. Hector


Arm Care is vital when it comes to high school sports. Sometimes proper arm care can be overlooked, however, it is the most important thing a young athlete should focus on no matter the sport. In order to maintain a fully healthy roster throughout a season, Ace Prep would help ensure significant results on strength and flexibility on the arm, and help reduce injury

C. Rodriguez

Ethan 10U

I wanted to thank the people who did the Arm Care Winter Clinics, one of the trainers there taught me about J bands that I can use to work on my arm. The arm strength stretches I think it really helped me on Sundays to perform on game days. In the first game of our season, I had seven strikeouts and I think that’s all because of the arm care I did on Sundays even when sometimes I wanted to stay home but I decided to go there because it really helped.