5 Reasons You Should Join A.C.E. Prep

We are here to help you prevent injury AND optimize performance. Here are 5 reasons you should join us:

1. We look at our athletes as a whole

A.C.E. Prep doesn’t focus on just strengthening the upper body. We work on the entire kinetic chain. Not only do we look at our athletes as a whole in this sense, but we take into account the athlete’s injury history, their current aches and pains, what other sports they play, and more.

2. Individualization

As an A.C.E. Prep client, we will look at what specific areas you may need to address more than others. We know each athlete is different, so we don’t take a one size fits all approach.

3. Different professionals

Our team consists of different professionals each providing a unique background and expertise. A.C.E. Prep’s director, Gabriel Alvarez, has built a team of coaches, personal trainers with backgrounds in strength and conditioning, and myself, a physical therapist.

4. Evidence-based

We follow the best practices when it comes to protecting the arm. There is a high level of evidence to support that arm care exercise programs mitigate injury risk AND that injury prevention programs should target impairments throughout the kinetic chain.1

Group-based arm care exercise programs targeting impairments seen in the upper and lower body have demonstrated a 50% reduction in elbow injuries, a commonly injured joint for overhead athletes.1

5.     Longevity 

Our goal is for our athletes to have long careers and play longer in their seasons. Research shows that stretching the posterior shoulder muscles decreased the risk of shoulder and elbow injury by 36%; additionally, those pitchers were able to pitch 3 times longer throughout the season.2

Join A.C.E. Prep’s 8-week winter clinic starting on November 7th to best prepare for the upcoming Spring baseball season!


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2. Shitara H, Yamamoto A, Shimoyama D, et al. Shoulder Stretching Intervention Reduces the Incidence of Shoulder and Elbow Injuries in High School Baseball Players: a Time-to-Event Analysis. Sci Rep. 2017;7:45304. Published 2017 Mar 27. doi:10.1038/srep45304

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