A.C.E. Pledge

Our goal is simple – to recruit more strength throughout the Kinetic Chain, working systematically to lessen the load on the athlete’s arm and shoulder. Intrinsic muscle stability and control at end ranges of motion are critical to keeping these athletes healthy. We do this by keeping the arm and shoulder complex stable and flexible to avoid injury caused by exhaustion, inadequate preparation, or the lack of a proper warm-up routine. Each individual athlete should always strive to be enhancing performance while preventing injury because injuries are never worth the risk when you are trying to reach your personal performance goals!

The ultimate competitor is always in pursuit of their zenith potential through proper exercise and breathing techniques. This journey must begin by creating more focus and body awareness to include a synergetic combination of how to push the body and how to properly activate dormant muscles, soft tissue, and joints and recondition the overworked body. Stretching, Strengthening, and Recovery is at the core of this Program! Every competitor is different; with their own body metrics and their own body limits therefore, each athlete will be given their own program to follow once properly assessed. Assessments will be examined for focused improvement along with being recorded and measured, and personal goals will be aimed for at their own pace. Not only will they be getting better during the sessions, but they’ll also be given structured home exercise routines that will make them accountable and responsible for their own progress away from the program so that they are ready to hit the field – running.

By creating an increase in the range of arm & body motion along with greater stability, you will end up with a more efficient athlete” – ACE Prep

ACE sessions will always begin with the awakening of the Neuromuscular system. This is achieved through a practice known as Circular Articular Rotations or CARs. CARs utilize active rotational movements at the outer limits of your Range of Motion for each individual joint in order to stimulate articular adaptations. CARs also indicate neurological control of the outer ranges for improved joint stability and kinaesthetic awareness. Following up CARs will be ACE Dynamic stretches. We follow this into a couple of body assessments – with a focus on the Kinetic Chain, we look to find our end point in Range of Motion, whether it be at the hip, shoulder, Knee, or Foot. Once found, we work in this space to create more strength and flexibility in a safe and proper manner by utilizing evidence-based practice. Along with the Range of Motion exercises, the Arm Conditioning Exercises will challenge focus, strength, and balance. Finally, finishing off with stretches and myofascial release for a proper body – Cool Down!

Arm Conditioning Exercises & PREParation

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